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Established in 1995, as the first regulated stock market in Russia, RTS Stock Exchange now trades the full range of financial instruments from cash equities to commodity futures.

The RTS Index first calculated on September 1, 1995, has since become the main benchmark for the Russian securities industry and is based on the Exchange’s 50 most liquid and capitalized shares.

Today’s RTS product line includes:

* RTS Standard, a new front-rank equity market for the most liquid Russian securities characterized by absence of 100% asset depositing, standard T+4 settlement in roubles, use of CCP technology, consolidated cash position on RTS Standard and on FORTS, RTS derivatives section and portfolio-style approach to margining spot and derivatives markets positions.
* RTS Classica, the only trading platform in Russia that allows for settlement in both rubles and foreign currency. RTS Classica is equally accessible to both Russian and foreign investors. The standard settlement cycle is T+4 DVP. There are no requirements to deposit securities and cash before a trade. Over 500 securities are trading on this market.
* RTS T+0 Market, securities trading for retail investors with full preliminary deposit of assets and ruble settlement.
* RTS Board, the quote-driven market for unlisted stocks and bonds.
* FORTS, futures and options market with ruble settlement. Trading since 2001. Today, 47 contracts are offered (34 futures and 13 options) on shares of Russian companies, bonds, short term interest rates, currency, RTS Indices, oil, oil products, metals and sugar. The most active contract is futures on the RTS Index.

RTS Group operates the central counterparty, the settlement securities depository and the settlement house for rubles and foreign currencies.

International members of RTS include Deutsche Bank, CSFB, UBS, Morgan Stanley etc.

Both the RTS Stock Market and the FORTS market are traded on robust international standard electronic platforms which allow for direct market access and algorithmic trading.

The core of the RTS Group is Open Joint Stock Company RTS where the trading is facilitated. The key shareholders include global investment banks, like UBS, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank.

RTS website – http://www.rts.ru/en/
President – Roman Goryunov
Public Relations – Varvara Inozemtseva
Head of Market Data – Denis Avetisyan

For additional information please contact international@rts.ru

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