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Poštovani kolege u susjednoj Srbiji počeo je procvat građevinskog sektora

[color=blue]Sava City[/color]

Investor: CA Immo
Object info: One residential building and one office building
Construction start: April 2006
Construction finish: December 2007

Business complex within Block 20 ,between prestigious of the GENEX apartments, the “Intercontinental” and the “Hyatt” hotels, and in the vicinity of the neighbouring “Sava Centar”is supposed to be the first elite residental-business New Belgrade area, realized due to a comprehensive worked through, and creative project.To incorporate into the highest European standards the first class architecture has been programmed, including modern construction, modern technological equipment and high aesthetic of the ground floor, business, pedestrian and green areas.

The position of this location is situated at the left bank of the Sava river, 700 m distance of the river itself on one side, and in the vicinity of the heart of Old Belgrade on the other side.

The vicinity of the arranged green area, the confluence of the two big rivers, and the left bank of the Sava river, along the line from the mouth upstream two kilometres in length, with favourable wind resistance rose make this area very satisfactory from the microclimate point of view.

The object is centrally located between the streets Vladimira Popovica and Milentija Popovica bordered by the Sava Centar, “Intercontinental” hotel and the “Hyatt” hotel, the Delta Bank business building, Genex apartments, and Genex Tower.

Location area:
11785 m2

Total BGRP (gross building surface) of the object:
*Business 20.831,64m2
*Business apartments 14.911,02m2
*Underground parking lot 15.603,74m2

The approach to the location from the “Hyatt” hotel along the reef of the luxurious located diagonal of a nicely organized plateu within the block, the two corps are not intensive, torn off , the business part on the left, and the residential part on the right side.

The functional division on business and residential has been drawn according to the conditions with clearly indicated ground floor that bounds business to residential apartments along the pedestrian bridge creating an environment of a square between business objects overflowing into intimate spaces around objects of business apartments.

The ground floors of both functions are aimed to business, trade, tourism, catering, culture and other aspects. Lower ground floors in business premises and residential apartments are aimed for parking places, by vertical communications bound both to business premises and residential apartments.The lower garage level is an additional parking area.

The location organization is on three objects:business apartments P+M+9+Ps (ground floor, mezzanine, withdrawn floor) + tower , in three levels and business objects P+ M+7+Ps ( ground floor,mezzanine,withdrawn floor).
The advantage of this concept is a possibility of organizing objects in more independent unites which can be separated to more individual users, and within the object, different contents and aims can be organized.

All necessary services : termal substation, power distributing plant, diesel sets,water meter etc are located in the basement. The business part consists of two triangle objects in its foundation. The approach to each object is from the main square consisting a comfortable mileau, such as dominating entrance starecase , diverse arrangement of flowers, sculpture, fountain.

The entrance to each object has a stressed eaves and it leades both to the object and the entrance hall rich with contents: shops, banks, galeries, leading further to the info desk and communications in horizontal and vertical aspects ( elevators and stairs).

The foundation of the business part is created in such way that in the heart, all necessary communications are located ( elevators, stairs, fire exits) installations and sanitary blocks. The rest of the foundation is free for space organization due to potential users requests. Each rep


Investor: Delta M and Hypo-Alpe-Adria
Object info: Residential area – 170000 m², commercial and business facilities 28000 m², educational facilities 6100 m²
Construction start: 2007
Construction end: 2009

Blok 67 in New Belgrade is a very large site of approximately 13.8 hectares, very close to the commercial center of New Belgrade. It is surrounded by good roads with modern infrastructure, and has excellent access to all parts of the city and to the existing sports centers. For these reasons, Blok 67 has been identified as the optimal location for the future “Universiade Village” that is to be built for the 25th Summer Universiade in 2009, in Belgrade.

After the Universiade 2009, the universiade Village “Belville” will become an attractive new residential area with various unique facilities.

The preparatory works for the construction of the Belville in New Belgrade’s Blok 67 will begin in September of this year and this “village” will be used during the Universiade in 2009. The director of Blok 67 Associates, the company that is investing in this project, announced that the start of full-scale construction is planned for next year.

We proudly announce that Mace d.o.o Beograd on behalf of Mace International, took part in above-mentioned project as a company in charge for design and construction phase.

The total investment in this complex will be 200 million Euros and the investor is a joint company owned by the Austrian firm, CEE Investment, and Delta M from Serbia. The total space of the objects in the village will be 200000 square meters and the complex will offer 2100 apartments for 4200 athletes. The complex will also include 22000 square meters of office space. In the same block, a shopping mall with commercial space totaling 87000 square meters will also be built offering stores and entertainment.

Apartments in the village will be offered for sale in 2008, and the new owners will be allowed to move in immediately after the completion of the Universiade Games in 2009.

[color=blue]Airport City Belgrade[/color]

Investor: Africa-Israel and Tidhar Construction
Object info: Business park with accompanying hotels, stores, etc.
Construction start: Spring 2005
Construction finish: Unknown

What is ACB?
Airport City Belgrade (ACB) is the first multi-use commercial facility in Serbia that merges the latest in building technology, together with a tenant focused approach. ACB is more than just a group of stand-alone office buildings. It will be the first Business Park providing its tenants a ”City within a City”. For those businesses that prefer their own space, ACB will offer Tailor Made buildings for a business that want to be a part of this exclusive community and needs the flexibility and details a custom built building can offer. Upon completion ACB will be in excess of 85,000 square meters of office, and tenant-friendly retail space. Your new office will be located in much more than a nice building, it will be a part of the largest business park development in the country, where top businesses work amongst each other.

The goal of ACB team is not to create a group of buildings housing offices but to redefine the way businesses work. At ACB “work has a new meaning” with state of the art facilities, a diverse range of business services/amenities servicing its tenant’s every need. Business housed in ACB will experience a new environment comprising of increased flexibility, convenient location and amenities, giving Work a New Meaning.

Positioned in the heart of Southeast Europe and the best logistical location in all of Serbia ACB is the premier address for any serious business active in Belgrade. In the neighborhood of Mercedes Benz, DHL, Siemens and other world known companies ACB is located in New Belgrade the emerging Central Business District – with a platform that will satisfy all the needs of today’s modern business:

Direct, easy and immediate access from the Euro-Motorway E-75.

ACB is less than 900 meters away from the fastest route to the rest of Europe.

Public transportation Several lines of transportation will facilitate day-and-night travel for those who are not using private vehicles.

A 10 minute drive to Belgrade International Airport from ACB allows you to come and go from your office with ease.

Competitive Advantages
Airport City Belgrade will provide peace-of-mind to everybody who works and visits. As soon as you enter you are surrounded by a fully landscaped city within a city. Here is some of the stuff that Airport City Belgrade will offer:

Restaurants small enough to feel like home, yet so diverse in their menus that your palate never gets bored.

Cafes on the corner supplying your daily paper and morning coffee. Shops with everything you need – open at times when you need them. Services that make your life just a little bit easier.

Dry-cleaning, stationary/office supplies, post office, bank branches, etc…

Professional property and facilities management team that will make sure the lights are on, the streets are swept and that your office surroundings are a reflection of a business that pays attention to detail.

Security systems and personnel that work with you and your clients. Safety and peace-of-mind will mean much more at ACB.

Parking that is abundant and organized in an efficient manner saving both you and your clients’ valuable time.

ACB Team
Africa Israel Investments Ltd. is an international holding company and one of the largest and most dynamic investment groups in Israel. The company’s policies are based on investment planning, identifying opportunities, initiative and innovative management.

The company activities are mainly in the area of Land Development, Residential Neighborhoods, Revenue Producing Properties, Shopping Malls, Construction and Infrastructure, as well as in Hotel Management, Industry, Energy, Communication and Media, Fashion and Beachwear. With more than 20,000 employee

[color=blue]BIP Skadarlija Complex[/color]

Investor: Equest Balkan Properties
Object info: 90000 square metres of office, retail, and leisure space
Construction start: Unkown
Construction finish: Unknown

The former site of the Belgrade-based beer producer, BIP, was sold in the summer of 2006 to the Italian firm, Star Immobiliare, for just over 10 million Euros. The site is very attractive due to its prime location in the centre of Belgrade, where it is adjacent to the Bohemian quarter of Skadarlija. The complex includes over 14000 square metres of land area. In the August 2007, the project was acquired by Equest Balkan Properties for just over 20 million Euros. An initial advance of 5 million Euros will be provided to Star Immobiliare by August 10th, 2007. The remaining 15 million Euros will be paid once Star Immobiliare has secured the necessary permits to enable the Skadarljia Street property to be developed into 90000 square metres of mixed-use retail, office and hotel space. Equest Balkan Properties is an experienced investors in Southeastern Europe. It is the owner of the Tehnomarket chain of electronic stores, which are present in both Serbia and Bulgaria. Furthermore, the company is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

[color=blue]Delta Planet[/color]

Investor: Delta M
Object info: 340 000 m² shopping centre with two 35+ floors office towers
Construction start: Unknown
Construction finish: 2008

Delta Planet is Belgrade’s premier third-generation commercial development consisting of a shopping mall and two office towers.

Its attractive location is adjacent to the city centre while bordering Belgrade’s high-end residential districts. Furthermore, outstanding position along E-75 highway, only 20 minutes from the airport, will facilitate access for visitors not only from Belgrade, but also those from many other cities in the region.

The second Delta shopping mall in Belgrade, as flagship project, with its third millennium innovative design and unique location will attract global players and finally enable prestigious brands to become part of Serbian reality. Its premium content will encompass first-class entertainment and enjoyable, stress-free shopping, thus providing a new lifestyle experience.

Each of the two towers will provide more than 30 floors of class A office space and excellent amenities. The buildings will sit atop of an underground garage.

By blending various dynamic worlds into one, Delta Planet will change the face of Belgrade and be recognised as the benchmark for quality – The Shopping Mall of Serbia.

Evo da skratimo i pomognemo kolegi.

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[color=blue]Belgrade Plaza Centre[/color]

Investor: Plaza Centres
Object info: Up to 100000 square metres of office and hotel space
Construction start: Unknown
Construction finish: Unknown

Information from May 23rd, 2007:
The project proposed by Private Project Managment consists of the building that formerly housed the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is located in the centre of Belgrade. This development is situated in one of the city’s main streets, which is home to many of the main embassies such as those of the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

The same area features many of government buildings such as the Ministry of Finance as well as the city’s biggest public hospital and high-class residential areas. The location is perfectly situated such that it is linked to the main highway system that connects the city centre with Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Internation Airport as well as the central railway station and fairground complex.

Private Project Management has purchased the complex from the Government of Serbia for 34.5 million Euros. This enables the investors to obtain the necessary licences and other key development permits. According to the proposed project plan, at least 70000 square metres of development space has been secured. The Serbian govrnment has stated that if the investors can bring forth a project that improves the image of this part of the city, the company will be allowed to develop more than 100000 square metres of space. Since this location is prime real estate, two international banks and three hotel chains have already indicated interest in being located within this complex.

Information from August 28th, 2007:
Plaza Centers N.V. (“Plaza” or the “Company”), a leading Central and Eastern European emerging markets property developer, today announces that it has won a competitive tender from the Government of Serbia for the development of a new shopping, entertainment and business centre on a total built up area of circa. 100,000sqm (with over 2000 parking spaces) in Belgrade, Serbia . This project represents Plaza’s first step into the Serbian market and fulfils one of the Company’s expansion objectives set out in its Prospectus.

The new complex will be located on the prominent site of the former Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, situated on the main street which runs through the centre of Belgrade. The area is home to foreign embassies, including those of the United States, Canada, Germany, Poland among others. In addition the Serbian Government, Ministry of Finance, Belgrade chamber of commerce and Belgrade’s largest public hospital are all nearby, as well as the city fair and the future railway station.

Plaza will partner local Serbian developer for the project, which is expected to have a gross development budget of €150 million. The local partner will be entitled to participate in up to 15% of the project, subject to certain conditions while the project management will be rendered solely by Plaza.

Serbia is one of the Eastern European nations where Plaza sees strong potential for future investment opportunities. Plaza also believes that the Belgrade market offers particular potential, with its large populated catchment area of approximately 2.5 million people. Additionally, as Belgrade has not to date benefited from ‘institutional grade’ investment in retail or commercial real estate, this development will have particular significance in terms of providing a new commercial and cultural destination for both domestic and international visitors.

Commenting on the handover agreement, Ran Shtarkman, President and CEO of Plaza Centers N.V., said:

“We are very excited to be taking our first steps into the Serbian market, where we believe our skills and experience in delivering large-scale mixed-use developments can produce significant value, both for our shareholders and for the centre’s tenants and visitors.”

“In addition, we look fo

[color=blue]Delta Tower and Intercontinental Hotel[/color]

Investor: Delta M
Object info: Office tower and Intercontinental Hotel in Blok 20, 110 000 square meters, 150 mil euro worth
Construction start: First Quarter of 2008
Construction end: 2010

Delta Tower is a mixed use development, strategically located at a prime plot in New Belgrade. Comprised of three interconnected entities, this development will satisfy all contemporary business requirements – the perfect combination of an ideal location and excellent amenities. A 35-floor class A office tower will provide an excellent working environment.

The five-star Intercontinental hotel will feature a modern conference centre, spa, and health club in addition to its 325 luxurious rooms, placed on 13 floors. The exclusive shopping arcade with accompanying restaurants and cafés will create a meeting point not only for businesspeople, but also for the whole surrounding community.

All three entities will be serviced by a three-level underground garage. Because of its close proximity to the centre, it will represent the heart of the city’s new business district – New Belgrade.

Designed to rival the world’s prestigious mixed use developments, Delta Tower will be a stunning landmark of Belgrade for many years to come.

Updated on May 17th, 2007:
An agreement was signed today in Delta Holding’s office headquarters between the company and the Intercontinental hotel chain regarding the management of the future hotel to be built in Blok 20. As opposed to the former Intercontinental hotel that is now called Hotel Sava Beograd, the future hotel will not use a licence. Instead, the hotel will be completely managed by the hotel group. Delta M will build the object, but management will be handed over to the Intercontinental hotel chain.

The complex of buildings will feature a 38 storey office tower and the 15 storey hotel building. Both buildings will be joined by a shopping mall. The hotel will have 325 rooms. Delta M originally intended to sign such an agreement with the Hilton hotel chain. Construction of the hotel should begin in early 2008 and the first guests should enter by mid-2010.

In the last few years, only one new hotel, Hotel In near the Belgrade Arena, has been constructed in Belgrade. In addition, a new Holiday Inn hotel is under construction next to the Belexpocentre in the Third Boulevard as well as one within the Verano-Vero complex.

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