So, you all asked for it – here we go: Drys!

I’m sure at least one guy here will be pleased with this topic:

Great article in this week’s Barron’s

DRYSHIPS, WHOSE 39 VESSELS haul iron ore, coal and grains across the seven seas, has seen its stock chopped by more than half, to the low 60s from a high of 131 late last year, on investor fear of a slowdown in global economic growth.

Because day rates in the volatile spot market for chartered ships are about a third below their highs of last fall, some momentum investors have bailed out. Others, wanting a “pure play” dry-bulk transporter sold DryShips (ticker: DRYS) after it revealed a surprise $405 million investment in late 2007 in deep-sea oil-service firm Ocean Rig (OCR.Norway).

THE SHARE-PRICE COLLAPSE, HOWEVER, PRESENTS an opportunity for patient investors with a stomach for a volatile stock. Global trade might slow this year, but it will come back eventually, and DryShips’ profits — and shares — should move up over the long term, even if 2008 growth turns out to be lower than Wall Street expects.

ume da broji sarafe, ali krivo:procenat i tacno; povjest;samnom, neznam, 100 ATPL=1000E, uvjek, vjest..plata?!, dejstvuje


samo što nije...

imade ko kaku inforamcijah od kretanju dryshipsa

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